million more sales and less turnover
Predictive Talent Analytics can deliver more sales and less turnover
million savings annually with 30% less turnover
Predictive Talent Analytics can deliver more turnover cost savings
% less turnover for over 7,000 restaurants
Predictive Talent Analytics can deliver more turnover savings
million assessments annually
Predictive Talent Analytics delivers 20 million assessments at 200,000 client locations worldwide

Benefits: More Sales and Cost Savings.

Predictive Talent Analytics is mobile optimized and deploys Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning to power precisely predictive big data talent and cultural analytics. Predictive Talent Analytics helps you put a strategy around talent decisions.

Predictive Talent Clients Have Seen:

$34.5 million with $21 million savings from 30% less turnover and $13.5 million more sales with improved server selection for QSRs of this Fortune 500 client with 60,000 employees.

3 times more sales year-over-year within 3 years with sales representatives for one of the largest mutual insurance and financial services companies in the United States.

$13.5 million in increased revenue for a hospitality leader with 1,600 restaurants in the US and 33 countries by hiring servers who scored highly in guest focus and sales ability.

17% improved reduction in hotel front-desk turnover and improved guest experiences and raising the front desk quality standards for leading hotels with 800 locations worldwide.

$18 million savings by reducing hourly turnover by more than 12% for sector leading national retailer with more than 60,000 employees in over 8,000 locations across the U.S.

$1 million in additional revenue per year for individual top performing medical professionals with national healthcare leader with more than 300 locations in the United States.

$23.4 million more sales with recommended hires for a $25 billion Fortune 500 nationwide retailer with over 129,000 employees in over 15,000 stores in 44 states.

$4.2M in more sales for Fortune 500 auto retailer with over 22,000 employees in more than 175 locations in the United States by hiring outstanding sales teams.

52% less turnover for premier QSR restaurants with 300,000 applicants per year for a $64 billion Fortune 500 leader with over 260,000 employees in over 7,000 restaurants.

$5.2 million return on investment for restaurant chain with over 200 locations in the United States with improved selection of its front and back of the house employee base.

$10.5M in hiring costs savings at a Fortune 500 sector leading retailer with over 130,000 employees in 15,000 stores by raising the promotability of hourly employees by more than 100%.

Benefits: Big Data Predictive Analytics - Best Identify Superior Talent.

Big Data Predictive Talent analytics can best identify superior talent to avoid costly mistakes with bad hires by analyzing competencies and traits with AI and machine learning powered technologies from big data analytics of over 20 million assessments annually at over 200,000 client locations worldwide. Predictive Talent Analytics makes culture a competitive advantage and identifies emerging leaders to promote the right talent faster than ever transforming talent at for over 500 sector leading companies.

Predictive Talent Analytics projects candidate fit, career potential and identifies the top 5% candidates and analyzes how candidates fit multiple positions in one view. Predictive Talent Analytics cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) is fully mobile enabled to drive superior results. On-Demand SaaS software includes video interviews, reference checks, coaching, leadership development and succession planning to pinpoint key red flags and needs from thousands of alternatives for 1200 positions overall.

Benefits: Predictive Platform – Assessments, Video Interviews, Reference Checking, Culture Analytics, OnBoarding, Coaching & Development and Leadership Assessment.

Predictive Talent Assessments to predict candidate fit, job success, and career potential.

Video Interviews that drive speed, engagement, and personal connection.

Reference Checking that makes candidate reference checking fast, easy, and predictive.

Culture Analytics that manages culture change and strengthen cultural alignment.

Personalized On-Boarding Guides

Personalized Coaching and Development Guides

Leadership Assessment that identifies emerging leaders, improve succession planning and promote the right people faster.

Integrations – Predictive Talent Analytics partners with the world’s top applicant tracking systems and business solutions to create seamless and frictionless experiences for you and your candidates.

Benefits: The Mobile Digital Transformation

Predictive Talent Analytics is leading the Digital Transformation of talent with Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning. The adoption of these new technologies will impact enterprise success in today and in the long run. Predictive Talent Analytics uses big data with analytics to measure and quantify the personality, cognitive and cultural alignment between individuals and unique positions.  Our clients gain tremendous control of their culture, workforce performance and profits. Predictive Analytics can identify complex patterns across massive data sets and uncover trends that may have been missed by the human eye. That’s what makes Predictive Analytics the gold standard in enterprise intelligence. By illuminating unexpected or emerging trends, Predictive Analytics provides an unparalleled vantage point for determining the best possible course of action, when you’re assessing or predicting which new hires will be most successful on the job or which position a new hire should be placed in and what is the best succession plan for the candidate and the candidate’s leadership potential. Predictive Analytics is more accessible today thanks to advances in technology, the IoT and the enormous amounts of data we have at our fingertips. By combining big data analytics statistical techniques, such as predictive modeling and ML, we’ve entered a world of nearly infinite possibilities.

With quality data and continuous optimization, Predictive Talent Analytics has the power to improve, adapt, and get more precise over time. The goal of AI and ML, as with all data analysis, is to understand the structure of data. While traditional statistics is based on a theory or a mathematically-proven model, machine learning uses computers to probe the data for structure, even if there’s no underlying theory of what that structure looks like. Big data analytics and ML automates analytical model building because it’s capable of learning and adapting through experience—which means we don’t have to “wait” for the human brain to identify a pattern or work out a theory. In fact, Big data analytics and machine learning is so efficient it can identify every possible model, and then determine which model or models are most predictive. With Big data analytics and ML, we can produce models faster than ever before, and analyze bigger, more complex data with incredible accuracy, even on a very large scale.

By truly understanding your candidates, your culture, and the underlying behaviors that drive employee success, you can expect to see an average workforce transformed into a high-growth, high-performance enterprise.