% Better Workforce Performance
Interactive Team delivers better workforce performance
Employees – 12,000 Locations
Interactive Team’s clients includes many of the largest global leaders
Interactive Team includes more than 500 leading companies in 27 countries around the world.
Frontline Employees
Interactive Team can serve the 100 million frontline employees in the US

Interactive Team Communications

Interactive Team delivers an “employee recognition platform” with digital connected interactive employee experiences for better employee engagement to drive superior performance and more sales. Interactive Team Communication’s intuitive user experiences matches Facebook and other social networks. Interactive Team Communications enables full engagement to best communicate your values to new and existing staff to support talent acquisition and retention to ensure that no one’s efforts go unnoticed.

Your enterprise’s own Interactive Team Communications platform empowers your executives and managers to more effectively reach and engage your frontline and other employees. Interactive Team Communications enables you to communicate with a mobile and distributed workforce, quickly, more effectively and securely. Interactive Team can you give your workforce talent purpose, reward their wins, and fully equip them with the knowledge to advance sales, profits and performance. Interactive Team Communications helps hundreds of the most trusted domestic and international brands to better connect, fully engage, and empower their managers and frontline employees and entire workforce — resulting in informed and motivated employees, better customer experiences and sales growth.

Interactive Team can deliver better sales, profits and performance where Forbes and other studies report that engaged employees provide:

202% Better Workforce Performance

32% Better Employee Satisfaction

21% More Employee Productivity

14% Better Employee Retention

Other studies report that a disengaged employee costs their enterprise 34% of their salary and firms with higher engagement levels report 70% fewer safety-related incidents.

Over 500 companies around the world in more than 27 countries use Interactive Team Development to communicate, empower and manage their workforces. The intuitive user experiences (UX) match popular social networking sites. Interactive Team Development is so simple to use, it has earned the highest global user adoption rates in the industry. Improving employee talent communications has become the holy grail and gold standard for not only the internal communications function within any enterprise and increasingly important for front line operations, the entire workforce, HR, managers and senior leadership.

Listen to your employees

It’s important to always keep your managers, frontline and other employees’ best interests in mind. They are the ones who talk to your customers, (hopefully) put a smile on your customers faces and ensure that your customers return to your brand again. When your managers, frontline and other employees feel involved with the business, they do their best to serve the enterprise. And we can all agree that primitive top-down communication from management just doesn’t cut the mustard when it comes down to it.

A firm connection has been established between better employee workforce communications and ROI, and that is most often linked to improved employee communications leading to higher levels of employee and customer engagement and more sales and better profits. This bolsters the likelihood that employees stay longer reducing recruitment costs and increasing the view of the enterprise in the eyes of potential recruits, and almost always leading to better service to customers.

Connect Your Entire Workforce for Extraordinary Customer Experiences

  • Mobile workforce: The non-desk/frontline/customer-facing workforce represents as much as 80% of the global workforce – these employees have no access to laptops, business phones or company email addresses. Interactive Team Development works on your employees’ own phones and other devices.
  • Two-way Communications: Most internal platforms are either one-way only (email, notice boards, newsletters) or all-company free-for-alls (intranet). By matching the organizational matrix of your enterprise, we place employees in the most meaning and relevant groups so that they see important messages and have very relevant conversations.
  • Share smarter: Much of today’s managers, employees and frontline workforce have grown up with incredibly user-friendly social media and direct messaging apps. Interactive Team Development is familiar as a social network, which is why managers and employees love to use it.
  • Scalable/personalized: Interactive Team Development provides a branded platform (mobile app) using your enterprise’s own logo and colors which increases brand loyalty and adoption.
  • Organizational goals: Most employee workplace tools fail because they can’t be aligned with business values or broader organizational objectives. The impact of a great engagement platform should be measurable: from reduced employee turnover, and higher employee engagement survey results, to reduced internal comms costs and increased loyalty amongst customers at physical locations.
  • Secure and private: In light of the changes to The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), data is an even more important topic for all organizations. Interactive Team Development is GDPR compliant, with data stored in the appropriate jurisdictions.
  • Make it simple: Many organizations have a huge range of employee apps and platforms. Interactive Team Development has open API that allows easy integration, can become your one-shop-stop for all manager and employee needs. Engage in good company.

More than 500 companies in 27 countries around the world use Interactive Team Development to fully communicate, truly engage, empower and manage their frontline and other employees.